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34144Re: Intermittient Sour Mash Cycle

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  • abbababbaccc
    Mar 1, 2009
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      Yes, I had flaked rye and cooked whole barley. That damn barley had
      stayed whole and thus contributed very little to the taste making my
      mash very thin in taste (only 0.8 kg rye was used). The endresult may
      resemble Irish whiskey after oaking, as it is I do not consider it
      drinkable. I did distill it with feints from grains whiskey so that
      may have helped some.

      I took the backset and started a new serie of three using malt this
      time, we'll see how it turns out.

      Slainte, Riku

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "rye_junkie1" <rye_junkie@...>
      > It works with an adjustment here and there. I just finished (a
      > of weeks ago) a 5 iteration version of the recipe. Just using
      > different grains. His recommendation for adding all of the backset
      > back to the next wash is a little much. I only used a measured 2
      > gallons. My fermentation times did not suffer and I felt like I
      got a
      > good product.
      > Until I fried 2 600 watt elements testing a low power distill on the
      > grains theory on the final run.
      > I used Corn meal, cracked wheat and cracked Rye. Foaming was a
      > big issue. There would be well over a foot of head room in the
      > and when the run was over and I removed the cap there would be foam
      > residue up to a few inches form the top. Never puked, but be
      > on power input for stripping.
      > I think Riku also used this recipe around the same time.
      > Mason
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