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32484Re: Caring for internal elements

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  • abbababbaccc
    Dec 3 9:13 PM
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      Mason, my recommendation was indeed for 2" column - I forgot you had
      such a small one :) Anyway, even with 500W aim you'll have to take
      into account the heat losses - typically close to 500W for
      uninsulated 25 liters SS vessel.

      Cheers, Riku

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      > > Good decision Mason. Now you did not mention your column size or
      > > size/insulation, but it could well be that the 1500W element is
      > > way to go. Calculate the vaporspeed and heat losses and aim for
      > > 12"/s. About the element care, with sugar mashes I just rinse
      > > They turn brownish or even copper color but so far they have hold
      > > well in my use. With malt mashes I sometimes need to clear them a
      > > with a scrubber.
      > >
      > > Cheers, Riku
      > Thanks Ken, Sherman and Riku for weighing in on this. Your answers
      > are what I thought they would be. The Elements that I used were not
      > expensive ones 13 bucks each at the local ACE hardware. The column
      > size for my pot Rig is 14" of 1.5" copper tube Tee'd to a 3/4" arm
      > condenser(Liebig). There are 2- 3/8" OD through tubes just under
      > Tee for CM if I want to use them for a little reflux. I figured
      > would be what I used the 1500 watt element for.
      > My reflux column is 48" of 1.5" set up VM style using a coil at the
      > top and my 3/4 ID x 1" OD (jacket) liebig . I would use the 625
      > element for this one. Riku, I think you actually recommended 500
      > watts for this but 625 is the best I can do for now.
      > Mason
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