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32182Re: Still sizing?

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  • rye_junkie1
    Nov 3, 2008
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Dan" <ulynch@...> wrote:
      > --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "rye_junkie1" <rye_junkie@>
      > wrote:
      > > Sugar gives a good
      > > product faster in my opinion but there is still something to be said
      > > for the Purist who likes to do it the old fashion way: Grain,
      > > Fruit,Molasses,Pot Still,Oak and TIME.
      > And that's where I'd like to go with this - as close to traditional
      > methods as I can stand. I suspect there will some frustration with
      > that approach, and temptation to take shortcuts (sugar wash,
      > flavoring, reflux stills, etc), but right now anyway, my interest is
      > as much in the craft and art of the hobby as in the final product.
      > I'm looking forward to a lot of trial and error :-)
      > > 14lbs of malt to six gallons water should give you just over a
      > > gallon
      > > of low wines so 3 of these batches should be plenty to give you what
      > > you are looking for.
      > So if I understand correctly, a second run of 1 gal of ~20% ABV low
      > wines should result in about 1L of product at 65-70% ABV?

      Yes and No, In my experience running such a small amount would yield
      maybe 500-750ml of good product as the window for the middle run would
      be quite small and cuts very hard to distinguish the transitions.
      > So to arrive at 2-3L final output, I would need a still that can run
      > about 18 gallons in the first distillation. Sound about right?
      > other option would be to make multiple runs in a smaller still.

      As I mentioned before I use a 8 gallon boiler and employ your "other
      option" of multiple Strip runs to get the required amount of low wines
      for a spirit run. However if you can find and afford a boiler of 18
      gallon size go for it. On the other hand the advantage to a smaller
      6-8gallon pot rig is (if it and its condenser are efficient) you can
      do a strip run in 2-3 hours leaving the rest of the Day or night for
      enjoying as you please. Then take a Saturday or Sunday for a nice
      slow spirit run.
      > Thanks again for chiming in!
      > - Dan

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