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3210Re: [new_distillers] copper

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  • steve
    Mar 3, 2002
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      --- Michael Spottswood <mikespotts@...> wrote:
      > I spent the afternoon building a jacket condenser
      > from copper pipe. I plan
      > to attach that to a glass jug to boil in a water
      > bath as a simple pot still.
      > My question is, what is the procedure for cleaning
      > the copper prior to
      > use? I am sure there is still some flux inside the
      > pipe I would like to get
      > out before I try to distill with it. After I get
      > good with this I plan on
      > adding a doubler/thumper, then this summer I am
      > going to finish my reflux
      > still whose column is already complete (just need to
      > attach it to some kind
      > of boiler).
      > Thanks
      > Mike
      > fill it with coke it will clean it shiney.
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