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30897Re: Looking for a boiler

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  • burrows206
    Aug 4, 2008
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      Hi Chris and Jay,
      Another more mechanical way to do it is get a quarter inch
      straight compression fitting, take one nut and compression ring off,
      now measure the diameter of the threaded end piece. Drill and tap a
      hole in the column wall where you intend to place your thermometer.
      the column wall will be, strong and thick enough to accept a very
      small thread (plenty for a small thermometer probe). Now screw in
      your quarter inch fitting untill it stops,( be careful and don't
      overtighten and wring the thread as you only have a little bit in
      the wall thickness) back off 2 turns, wrap some PTFE plumbers thread
      tape on the thread in same direction you tighten the fitting, tighten
      up slightly more than finger tight (nipped very slightly with pliers
      will sufice). This should seal it to the column wall.
      Now take off the other nut off the other end and get rid of the
      compression ring. Slip the compression nut over the probe then slide
      in your thermometer to exactly where you want it in the column. Now
      wrap about 20-25 turns of PTFE where the probe meets the compression
      fitting(or enough to make it bunch up and make a sealing compression
      ring of PTFE tape), slide the compression nut forward to the fitting
      threads now tighten up until the probe wont slip inside the fitting.
      You now have a perfectly gas tight seal that will take well over
      16-18 inch pressure on a water gauge
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