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30894Re: [new_distillers] Re: Looking for a boiler

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  • jay lagasse
    Aug 3, 2008
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      Hey Chris.
      Just thought I'd leave another suggestion, in case you needed more.  On your thermometer hole, since you probably have some scraps of 1/4" od tubing leftover, here's the way I did mine:  I drilled the hole where the thermometer would go and I drilled it large enough to fit a piece of 1/4"  tubing.  I slipped a piece of tubing onto the probe of my thermometer and marked it where I intended to cut it.  I then cut and fit the tubing into that hole and soldered it into place.  The thermometer slips into that tube until it stops when the back side of it hits the end of the tube.  I made sure that the tube was the right legnth so that when the thermometer was fully inserted, the tip of the probe is centred on the tee where the steam goes to the head.  The thermometer slipped in a little too easy at first and I wanted it to be more snug, so a very slight bend in the tube took care of that.  Now, it slips in and sort of "locks" into place.  There is no leaking on mine but you should make sure that the probe doesn't  fit into the tubing too loosely or else leaking would occur.  It's just an idea if you want to to expiriment with it.
      As far as I'm concerned, 1/4" od tubing is perfect for a reflux tube.

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      I think your right about the one jug at a time Mason. Thinking about
      it, you leave them in the freezer until you need them, the one jug in
      the cooler should keep the temp near freezing until its thawed out, and
      if not, then I guess it will be a quick thaw and I'll need another
      method :)

      did you use a 1/4 tube for the reflux return or?

      boy I'm getting close...


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