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30854Re: Looking for a boiler

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  • rye_junkie1
    Aug 2, 2008
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "rehpotsirhcj"
      <rehpotsirhcj@...> wrote:
      > Couple more quick questions...
      > I finished the head today and began to look toward the recirc system.
      > I was thinking that I could freeze water in 5 or six milk jugs, place
      > them in a cooler, fill the remainder of the cooler with water, and then
      > use a submersible pump to circulate water through both the condenser
      > and the Liebig. I wonder if this would be sufficient? I'm not sure how
      > long I can expect a run to last, or how quickly I would loose my ice
      > to the returning warmer water. I tried the setup with an aquarium pump
      > today (because I already had a few) but it doesn't have enough umph to
      > move water to the top of the head from ground level. I'll use the
      > bildge pump as suggested. But it will have to wait until next week. I
      > think my wife may kill me when she finds out how much I've paid for
      > copper this weekend. :)
      > misc. questions:
      > how large diameter copper tube would you suggest for the reflux return?
      > What have you guys used to seal the thermometer at the top of the
      > column that wont compromise the product (I assume not rubber)? Seems
      > like soldering in a probe would destroy the thermometer.
      > Thanks much,
      > Chris

      Hey Chris,
      I feel ya on the Price of Copper. I just picked up a 48 inch piece of
      1.5". 40 bucks. Hopefully the xtra 18" will get me to the 95% level.
      My other reason was that my pieced together column has a couple of
      solder gobs in it that prevented me from using scrubbers or structured
      packing. Still gonna try it with marbles first though.
      On your frozen jug idea. I think a lot of the guys that use recirc
      systems might employ this method or similar. It makes more sense to
      me however to use then 1 at a time. In my mind I think they would
      last longer. Keep an eye on the coolant temp. When it hits 100F or
      so change to a fresh jug. I have seen some illustrations in some
      books that run the water over a wash board that has a fan blowing on
      it. The idea I think being to spread the water out over a wide
      surface area to help cool it. I even saw a pic the other day where
      they were running the cooling through a radiator with a fan blowing
      over it. Again spreading the coolant out over a broad surface area.
      In a recent thread a guy had a set up that when the water was returned
      it went over a sheet the turned it into rain drops that again were fan
      cooled. Just throwing out some ideas. A Reflux Run for pure or close
      to pure etho will go at about 600ml-1L per hour. Plus an hour or so
      with the valve fully closed to equalize the column. A typical run of
      3 gallons of low wines for me goes about 12 hours.
      As far as sealing the thermometer. I used a rubber bung from the brew
      shop for a long time. The one in the top of my boiler lid is simple a
      .150" hole that the digital thermometer slip through and I seal it
      with the ever fool proof flour and water mixture. (called luting)
      The rubber bung worked great for me. I bought on with a hole in it
      and then screwed a compression fitting into it and again used flour
      and water or sometimes teflon tape. Never had a leak.

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