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29593Re: 4th corn mesh

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  • daddyman00126
    Jun 1 11:39 AM
      Thanks Mason.

      I have been preparing strip runs to get enough low wines to make
      about 3 gallons. The MASH I have been using is the corn flake and
      corn meal with sugar and malted barley. I have one batch in low
      wines, a second in the ferment bucket and will do another in a couple
      of weeks. This should get me my 3 gallons of low wines. I will then
      do a spirit run and put it in the smaller keg I got from Brewhaus.
      That would be the economy keg 3 liter in size.

      After that I need to figure out some grain bills and see which way I
      want to go. Here are some of the grain bills I have been looking at.

      Kentucky Sweet Mash
      20 L water (5 gal)
      2 kg (4 and 1/2 lb) corn meal
      500 g (1 lb) (I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS) RYE???
      50 g malted grain (DONT KNOW WHAT THIS IS) MALTED BARLEY???

      5.25lb of cracked corn
      .85lb of malted barley
      .9lb of rye
      33% backset

      5.6lb of cracked corn
      .5lb of 6row barley
      .84lb rye
      24% backset

      Still looking for Heaven Hill's grain bill.

      Any ideas, any comments will be welcome.

      The best for last

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "rye_junkie1" <rye_junkie@...>
      > I have been trying prepare myself for a full grain mesh. What
      > should
      > > > my next step be in preparing for a full grain mesh?
      > > >
      > > >
      > > > The best for last
      > > > BILL1BURP
      > > >
      > >
      > Hey Bill,
      > I would consider the next step to be a flaked grain mash. From
      what I
      > understand you are pretty close to Rick/Brewhaus and he has the
      > ingredients to do it. I don't know that I would go with the whole
      > cracked corn thing yet but if you wanted to put the money into it
      > could do an all malt whiskey. 10lbs of cracked barley malt would
      > a nice whiskey for aging. You would just heat your water to 155F
      > in the malt stir well and let it rest for 90 min. Then you have the
      > option to bring it to boil (I probably wouldn't) to kill off any
      > yeasts and disinfect or just chill it to below 100F and pitch your
      > yeast. I would use the prestige AG Yeast. Double distill and maybe
      > even try out Harry's "Peatreek" essence recipe. This would be a
      > whiskey to age in that new premium BBL you picked up. Just a
      > I have a small amount of experience with grain washes and all have
      > been successful ferments. Cant really say the same on the still
      > but I am getting better. If you need any help let me know. You
      > how to reach me.
      > Mason
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