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28667Re: Blueprints for the Charles 803

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  • billy.turf
    Apr 30, 2008
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Benjamin Domingo Bof
      <benjaminbof@...> wrote:
      > Billy ;I´m making an column in mild steel drip zinc coated.
      > Are interested in your Charles 803 would you change info?
      > Benjamin

      Hello Benjamin,
      I am looking for the blueprints for the C-803 I've only got a few
      schetches and photos of it. It looks claims to be an excellent design
      for high proof alcohol. It also claims to be pretty much newbie
      proof. It uses and external heat source (steam) and the information I
      found said it produces 160-190proof.
      Right now I am running a reflux stil that produces 170proof every
      time and I am struggling to get that up to 190. Mine is made of
      stainless steel though and it has no return valve so my only control
      is the heat on the boiler. I can't weld stainless so modifying this
      one is going to be a problem. I am thinking of building a new one and
      the C-803 just looks awsome.
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