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28602can some one explain

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  • Jesse
    Apr 27, 2008

      hey I am going to leave a link below as a mater of fact so I don;t forget here it is now,


      Anyways on this link you will see a Continuous still, All I want to know is two things,

      1: when you first start do you will the heating pot that is connected with column with wash or water,  Seems wash would be better, Huh,

       2: Ok this one I will descibe. The wash that comes from the reserve up top,. goes through a condencer at the bottom before going back up to half way up column, this I understand, What I don;t understand in the drawing, is what feeds that condencer, and is it allways following or do you let it get hot then shut it off and let it hold the hot wash till it is cool then let some more out to replace with hot.   Also That Line that feeds the condencer. It looks like it just stops. It almost resembles a T. is the top of this line open, or is it a way to add more wash, if it gets to low, 

       Just so you know which part I am talking about, its the only other thing leaving the pot in the picture besides column, its the thing that comes out the left side of pot, and the end is under wash,  Please explain,  This is how all the example are even when you use the wiki thing on yahoo,  I haven't found any detailed plans, unless I buy them, if you have some please send link,,,    thanks for any information,,   

        This is what I want to do with the 6 inch pipe I belive, Something to this effect,, thanks again,

       Uncle Jess

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