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27807Re: One more post

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  • Jesse
    Apr 1, 2008
      ---Yes sir,
      I wouldn't post there anyways, Not up to par yet, But I seen that
      After reading futher, Hey I didnt pick the name Either, It was given,
      and then I took it that way.. BUt I can lose it just the same. No hard
      feelings or nothing.. I didnt know ANd Hes an Good One the way one UJ
      should be, Holding Lots of Knowledge, So I can go back to Crisp or what
      ever. Its no biggie.. Thanks Crisp.
      > Ermmm....You'll see that name in more than a couple of posts. Uncle
      > Jesse is the OWNER & site admin of Homedistiller. You stole his
      > handle. We let ya run with it for $h!t$ & grins.
      > I hear he's a testy cuss sometimes too, so ya might wanna use a
      > different screen name there. ;)
      > Slainte!
      > regards Harry
      > PS
      > (Apologies, Dave. Just pullin' yer leg.) <G>
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