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  • Jesse
    Apr 1, 2008
      You aint kidding either, That's Right on the money, You just picked my
      number with that paragraph, So now I will make myself Be happy if I can
      have a Good 80% at least then when I cut it, It will double. So that
      will be fair. I am kool with that. Other wise I need to go to
      school, Or ask You guys ten millon Qestions and then Need you to get a
      Crayon and Construction paper to draw it out,, I am more of a verble
      Guy I need to have hand on or be there. Which I see that I can give
      that up and Hope that My intake will get better.. (Intake=reading
      ablity, and spelling)LOL Thanks Ken as always Uncle Jesse
      > Jesse,
      > The best you can do is, I believe, around 96.5%ABV? unless distilled
      in a
      > vacuum and too be honest the difference in taste of 90%ABV and 95%ABV
      > bugger all. With us Hobby distillers on both distillers sites it is
      > obsession of achieving near perfect purity, once you crack 80, you
      want to
      > crack 90 and so on
      > Cheers Ken Mc
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