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  • Jesse
    Apr 1, 2008
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "KM Services"
      <km_services@...> wrote:
      > Mate,
      > The Human body can only take so much alcohol at anyone time and
      > 86%ABV would probably fry your liver if you drank too much more
      than a sip
      > un-cut, certainly not what you would have session on. I think I read
      > somewhere about alcohol poisoning that drinking around 600mls of
      100 proof
      > (50%ABV) in under 2 hours is considered a lethal dose . Any way if
      > purity is cut to a sensible level of around 40% ABV and enjoyed
      > then the body can handle it and the liver and kidneys do their job
      > problems, punish them with High ABV well do I need to say more..

      No sir, I got ya. I too have read the parts where it tells you how
      your body will proccess alcohol, Plus I have over 40 freakin classes
      under my belt (DWI Class)Not proud by no means,. But I am well aware
      of the dangers of the intake. But I know lots of people from the Cut
      (Country) That Drink it like that, I was more worried that It has
      some trace items in it.. BUt thanks Bro as all ways/// UJ
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