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    Apr 1, 2008




      Ahhhhh "Uncle" Jesse,

      First off, why do you think I quotate your "Uncle" part on your name (sorry im still laughing so hard..) The real Uncle Jesse (your namesake) is one of the Moderators of that forum and has been for a while - he also developed an original Corn Whiskey Sour Mash method that everyone calls the "UJSM". There is a whole seperate posting site there for just his recipe - go to:
      http://homedistille r.org/forum/ viewtopic. php?t=725&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=285&sid=a977d45d6512adf 40be386412922215 1


      I to was a bit confused at the start with “Crisp’s” handle and questions he was asking? Having been a member of distillers for a number of years

      Cheers Ken Mc

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