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2749Tap Water

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  • ekalb14200
    Feb 4, 2002
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      At long last I am the proud owner of an Alcometer,and have
      recieved my first carbon.For some time now I have been Distilling,now
      thanks to your expert advice can see what its like to taste better
      My stock at the moment consists of one gall of 93%,that was
      achived with 700mm col of my refr still. I have extended the col to
      1.2cm.The fist run on this is 90%. I have 2.1/2lt of this.
      What I would like to ask is, do I still have to to use distilled
      water,taking into account its passing through the carbon.
      In the future its possible I may use Prestige essences. If I
      dilute to 50% before passing through the filter, there's not a lot of
      space for essence to bring it to 40%.
      My setup is a 4gal burco ern which I got from church coffee
      morning and bazare. It still had hot water in it when I got home.
      The 3k heater I use to heat up, then I switch to 110v giving me an
      output of 750w.
      In the future I would like a larger pot, and am told you can find
      then being thrown out early in the morning on country roads.
      A good site I like to pick brains
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