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25445Re: Reflux Column Condenser Question

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  • bbornais
    Dec 4, 2007
      Cooling management is where there is no valve below the reflux
      condenser because the opening to the product condenser side is above
      the reflux condenser rather than below. It is such that one must
      carefully control the flow of the reflux cooling water between 100%
      condensation (hence no vapour exiting above the reflux condenser and
      into the product condenser.), and 0% reflux (100% of vapour traveling
      past the reflux condenser and to the product side to condense there).

      Liquid management uses a type of stream splitting apparatus that
      catches 100% of the reflux. The reflux condenser in this case runs
      wide open knocking down all the vapour all the time. The reflux ratio
      is determined by how much liquid you take from the obstructed
      condensate path. Search Bokabob and Nixon/Stone.

      The advantage of these two designs over vapour management is that you
      can accurately collect 100% of the vapour if you desire. If it is
      cooling management, simply stop the reflux condenser, and all the
      vapour will pass right by. If it is liquid management, just open the
      stream splitting valve all the way. Why do this? Because, if you know
      the maximum rate of collection, then you can easily set an accurate
      reflux ratio.

      Disadvantage of Cooling management is less control of the reflux
      ratio, because you need an accurate metering valve with constant
      pressure water at a constant temperature. This is not a big issue in

      I personally like liquid management, as you only really need one
      decent condenser (and an optional small inline leibig on the stream
      splitter take off powered by the waste cooling water if you wish
      cooler condensate).

      Search the designs, and this will all start to make more sense.

      Btw… Very nice Sinker.

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