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25387Re: Corn Whiskey Recipes

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  • toddk63
    Nov 26, 2007
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      Here's the one I use and love the results:

      -Heat 7.0 gal. treated brewing water to 172F
      -Add 13# cornmeal, add 3 oz. barley (or 1.5 tsp amylase)
      -Rest 20 min. Keep below 160F
      -Full Boil 20 min. Let air cool (stirring) for 10 min.
      -Add 4# flaked rye . Stir. Add 4 gal cool water. Let cool to 160 F.
      -add 3 oz. barley (or 1.5 tsp amylase)
      -Let cool to 152F. Add 3# barley
      -Mash 120 min between 150-140F (Cover with blankets and stir once
      after 60 min.)
      -Chill below 85F, Add glucodiase (6 tabs Beano)
      -Ferment on the grain at 75-80F
      -Strain and pot still 2 times

      Yields 11.5 gallons to fermenter. Fermented out to 1.004 SG. After
      straining, 8.6 gallons of 7.5% abv to still. The proportions were
      carefully calculated (and tweaked) to optimize the stiffness of the
      corn mush (thinner is better), the final gravity of the wash (more is
      better), and to minimize the amount of cooling time or use of
      chillers. A chiller is still needed after the 120 min mash.

      Todd K.
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