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  • jamesonbeam1
    Nov 15, 2007
      Hi CQ,

      Ok lets get back to fermenting a sugar wash 101.

      First, plain white cane sugar has no nutrients in it.

      Second, lime juice has not nutrients either - just citric acid which
      only adjusts your wash PH - and lowers the acid/alkaline levels,
      which is tested by ph test strips or a ph titration kit.

      Third, yeast needs something to attach itself to in order to grow
      and multiply, then produce alcohol - otherwise, it will just sink to
      the bottom of the fermenter and die. These solids usually come from
      grains, pulps in fruits or solids in molassas, etc.

      Yeast is a single cell plant (actually a plant fungus thingy) that
      requires nutrients such as DAP (Di-ammonium phosphates), vitamins
      such as B-complex and other minerals along with some nitrogen etc.
      in order to grow an multiply.

      To put it in very, very simple terms , it goes through 2 stages - an
      Aerobic stage where it ingests the nutrients and sugars and
      multiplies, then an Anaerobic growth stage where it starts ingesting
      the sugars and pissing out alcohol and farting out CO2 (pardon my
      french :):).

      My advice to you is to go visit Tony Ackland's site at:


      and study the fermentation process for sugar washes and theories -
      read, read, read. Also here is a good site for learning about yeast


      To really get started, you will need some yeast nutrients (contains
      DAP and yeast hulls) that can be bought at any wine/beer makers

      Since you have a hydrometer and a reflux still (which im also
      assuming since your getting that high a distillation in alcohol and
      know what your wash abv is), here is a very simple recipe for some
      neutral alcohol that i know works and will produce a 1 gallon wash
      of about 17% abv (which is about the max that your Premier Cuvee
      wine yeast can achieve):

      -2.0 lbs white sugar
      - .5 lbs Dark Brown Sugar (with ingredients- Sugar, Molassas - not
      the fake stuff that has caramel coloring)
      -1 tsp yeast nutrient
      -juice of 5-6 limes - or 1/2 can frozen orange juice
      -1 packet of yeast
      -1/2 lb of Rice Krispies (for the solids and vitamin Bs and minerals)

      -Boil the juice, sugars and cereal till it turns into a mash.
      -Add nutrients.
      -Add aerated water to make up 1 gallon. Let cool.
      -Stir up yeast in a pint of the wash for 30 minutes. Then Pitch.
      -Stir at least 2 times a day.

      If you want to make more then a gallon just increase ingredients
      accordingly (except the yeast - 1 pack should be good for up to 5
      gallons - also when you make another batch just throw some of the
      old yeast back in as long as it is still bubbling).

      Good luck and
      Vino es Veritas,

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, chris quine <cvquine@...>
      > Hi Jim,
      > CQ here, 1.110 starting, ending after one week was1.094 at 73.4
      deg. In the next few days not much diffrentice. For the next week I
      lost track ( messing with it ) I put the whole gal. in the still
      Started collecting at 172 and stopped at 176 degs.
      > No yeast nutrients, other than the juce from 5 or 6 limes, also
      I have no way to ck PH.
      > Solids? ( This is new to me, ) yeasties need something to hang
      on to? cork,orange peels or ?
      > Yes, I used just plain white sugar, cheep stuff.
      > Thanks for
      the come-back Jim----cq
      > jamesonbeam1 <jamesonbeam1@...> wrote:
      > Hi C.Q.,
      > Im a little confused here - you say the starting SG was 10.0 - did
      > mean 1.100, 1.110 - or the Balling was 10.0 (in which case you
      would a
      > only had about a 5% wort) - not sure what you ment.
      > Also, what was the ending SG? and how much wort did you put in
      > still???
      > Premier Cuvee can operate up to 35 C - about 95 F per their
      > specifications - but it is a bit warm at 88 F.
      > How much yeast nutrients did you add and what was the PH? Did you
      > any solids to the sugar wort for the yeasties to hang on to and
      was it
      > just white sugar?
      > If you can answer these questions, maybe i can help ya.
      > Vino es Veritas,
      > Jim.
      > --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "cvquine" <cvquine@> wrote:
      > >
      > > o.k.
      > > This is my first time at trying to catch the spirits. Sugar
      > first
      > > run was 180 proof the 2nd was 190 proof, but I only got about a
      > > The wort was sweet When the fermentation had stopped, or slowed
      to a
      > > crawl. I'm using Premier Cuvee wine yeast. Starting S.G. about
      > @
      > > 88 deg. (It's warm where I live.)
      > > Any suggestions on how to get the yeast to really party, eat,
      > do
      > > there thing? Maybe to much food? (That kinda does it for me at a
      > party
      > > too.)
      > > Thanks C.Q.
      > >
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