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25297Re: fermentation

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  • jamesonbeam1
    Nov 15, 2007
      Hi C.Q.,

      Im a little confused here - you say the starting SG was 10.0 - did you
      mean 1.100, 1.110 - or the Balling was 10.0 (in which case you would a
      only had about a 5% wort) - not sure what you ment.

      Also, what was the ending SG? and how much wort did you put in your

      Premier Cuvee can operate up to 35 C - about 95 F per their
      specifications - but it is a bit warm at 88 F.

      How much yeast nutrients did you add and what was the PH? Did you add
      any solids to the sugar wort for the yeasties to hang on to and was it
      just white sugar?

      If you can answer these questions, maybe i can help ya.

      Vino es Veritas,

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "cvquine" <cvquine@...> wrote:
      > o.k.
      > This is my first time at trying to catch the spirits. Sugar wort,
      > run was 180 proof the 2nd was 190 proof, but I only got about a pint.
      > The wort was sweet When the fermentation had stopped, or slowed to a
      > crawl. I'm using Premier Cuvee wine yeast. Starting S.G. about 10.0
      > 88 deg. (It's warm where I live.)
      > Any suggestions on how to get the yeast to really party, eat, and
      > there thing? Maybe to much food? (That kinda does it for me at a
      > too.)
      > Thanks C.Q.
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