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25296Re: [new_distillers] fermentation

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  • John Wheeler
    Nov 15, 2007
      Going to need a little more =)

      How large was your batch - 5 gal?

      88 degrees F seems a little too warm for a good complete ferment.
      Also - if you're not using a yeast pack designed to just do a sugar
      wash, you'll need to add some 'extra stuff' (read nutrients) in the
      wash other than just sugar. Some people put in a small can of tomato
      paste, or others put in some concentrated OJ.

      Off the bat I'd say cool your wash down to about 70 degrees (if you
      can put it in a bathtub with water, that'll help regulate temperature
      a lot, unless standing water is 88 degrees where you are) and give it
      some nutrients for the yeasties to use for replication you'll probably
      go further that before.


      On Nov 15, 2007 10:32 AM, cvquine <cvquine@...> wrote:
      > o.k.
      > This is my first time at trying to catch the spirits. Sugar wort, first
      > run was 180 proof the 2nd was 190 proof, but I only got about a pint.
      > The wort was sweet When the fermentation had stopped, or slowed to a
      > crawl. I'm using Premier Cuvee wine yeast. Starting S.G. about 10.0 @
      > 88 deg. (It's warm where I live.)
      > Any suggestions on how to get the yeast to really party, eat, and do
      > there thing? Maybe to much food? (That kinda does it for me at a party
      > too.)
      > Thanks C.Q.
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