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23357RE: [new_distillers] Soldering on the ministill

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  • Brendan Keith
    Jan 31, 2007
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      Your plan is correct, but solder the plates in, then the runoff tube.
      There's no need to try to do it at the same time. Once the plate is in, it
      won't move, even during the second soldering.

      Brendan Keith

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      Subject: [new_distillers] Soldering on the ministill

      I'm making a slightly larger version of the bokakob ministill. I'm
      confused as to the construction details the 1/4" tube that connects
      the needle valve to the 2" column.

      I'm using stevolate's adaptation for the plates (- a cut in the side
      of the column and wedge the plate in rather than soldering to the
      condenser or the inside of the column - and I figured I'd solder the
      outlet and the lower plate in one go. That's probably the only way to
      do it, come to think of it. But do I need a special fitting for the
      outlet tube, or can I just drill, then file for a wicked tight hole,
      fit the tube flush to the inside of the column, and solder it? That's
      what bokakob's diagram looks like, but I don't know anything about
      this stuff and I'm worried I might be missing some accepted and sound
      technique that was assumed in the diagram.
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