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22163Re: Turbo Yeast Question? for harry

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  • kirtgk
    Oct 8, 2006
      i also had a similar problem with some of my yeast!! harry told me the
      same thing. check exp. date and batch number then take it up with
      supplier. mine wasnt totaly dead but a lot less vigorous than previous
      packs. i took the loss and now purchase from elese where. by was this
      a alcotec brand??

      harry should we all get together (if more than just the 2 of us have
      had this problem) and contact the manufacturer directly??

      if they were the same brand and purchased from the same spot then id
      assume it was the suppliers fault and not the manufacturer, so ill
      provide my source and type. if different suppliers and same
      manufacturer id assume it was a manufacturer fault?? agree???

      i purchased mine from mile high and it was alcoteh 48.

      not trying to stir the pot, ive put it behind me. although it is
      rather interesting that im not the only one who had to deal with this.
      i had to let the ferment sit for 2.5 weeks before it was done. not my
      usual 8 days. yes it is a turbo 48 but i always let it complete its
      job and all previous were more than done by 8 days.(instructions call
      for 5 days with temp. varying this time some) im at their temp
      steadily but give it a few extra days to be sure!


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      > >
      > > The second package of yeast also did not work. Not a peep. Filtered
      > > water, 29Deg C, aeration for 24 hours. Nothing. I waited for a few
      > > days and then decided it was dead. It had all settled out and nothing
      > > was happening.
      > >
      > > So it turns out that my turbo yeast was in fact, bad. I pitched some
      > > Lavlin EC-1118 in the very same wash and now it is working fine. Oh
      > > well. Live and learn. Must have been a bad lot of Turbo 8kg.
      > >
      > > Thanks for the input.
      > > Cheers,
      > > Michael
      > If you still have the empty packets, there's a batch number on them.
      > Record it, then take up your case with both the supplier and the
      > manufacturer. They keep records of shipment dates delivery dates
      > etc. At the least I would think they'll replace the items with a
      > different batch. One particular English maker is very conscientious
      > at public relations.
      > Slainte!
      > regards Harry
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