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21364Re: [new_distillers] Distilled Fruit?

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  • Robert Thomas
    Aug 10 8:45 AM
      The germans would call it schnapps. Brandy is perhaps strictly grape
      based, but since the word most likely originated from an anglisization
      of brandt wein (literally burnt wine), and you can have fruit wines,
      then why not fruit brandy?
      Or you could just call it "diskmaster's eau de vie" (water of life) but
      then I guess the French might complain.

      --- diskmaster23 <diskmaster23@...> wrote:

      > When you distill from fruit, is it technically a brandy?
      > I am considering distilling from extra fruit that I have lying
      > around,
      > but I am just wondering what is the classification of this
      > distillate.
      > Disk


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