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21290Re: andy in france not knowing what he is doing

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  • miciofelice2003
    Aug 2, 2006
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      Bonsoir Andy.

      My God, a French person that doesn't know how to get eau de vie?
      Et France est la patrie du Cognac et aussi de l'Armagnac?

      Of course I'm joking.

      Anyway, I think that you are on the right place.

      Let me say that, if you want, I can explain you a little bit, but
      english isn't my mother tongue. I think that other people will do it
      better than me. If you speack italian I can explain in my language.

      Anyway, you need an alhambic, of course.

      But itsn't so "obvious". It depend on what you want to get as eau de
      If you want something of very pure, like vodka, you have
      to "address" to a column relux, or column fractionnating or column
      reflux-fractionnating still, if you want to keep aromas and flavour,
      like the Cognac, the wisky or grappa, you need to have a pot still.

      So, first, you have to decide what kind of distillate you want to
      get: I suppose you want something of aromatic, just because you
      spoke about fruits, ... but it's better to know exactly.

      Then, do you want to know how to build an alhambic or do you want to
      know how to distil (and this is involving the fact you already have
      an alhambic)?

      Ciao a tutti

      micio felice

      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, andy wood <ctcdubai@...>
      > bonjour salut hi i have the fruit allready in the bottles i have
      the fruit but dont know how to make the eau de vie eg the amounts
      for 1lt 2lt etc any ideas thanks
      > miciofelice2003 <miciofelice2003@...> wrote: Mon cher ami,
      > I didn't understand exactly what you want: if your wish is to know
      > to groww fruit into bottles or how to fill the bottles.
      > please, can you be a little bit clearer?
      > Ciao a tutti
      > da
      > micio felice (italy)
      > --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "ctcdubai" <ctcdubai@>
      > >
      > > hi living in france in the correz i am growing fruit in bottles
      > > want to fill them with eau du vie i have a lot off fruit but no
      > > how to do it any body can help have asked many french freinds
      > thay
      > > are being cagey so if in dought do it your self thanks
      > >
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