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211RE: [new_distillers] cooling design

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  • Bennett, Mark E
    Oct 3, 2000
      I originally used mains water but found that as the pressure varied
      during the run the flow rate of cooling water varied and this would affect
      the output stability and quality and as the mains pressure in my area is
      above 100 psi it was very difficult to set a low flow rate and not destroy
      tape seats. What I did was to install a 20 litre header tank fitted with a
      toilet bowl float switch (20 litre plastic water container fitted with
      fluidmaster float switch in shed rafters)connected to the mains. I used the
      output socket on the 20 litre container to supply water to my still and this
      provided a stable low pressure supply that could be easily controlled at low
      flow rates with greatly improved the stability.

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      > Hi my name is Quvii and I have been looking into making a reflux
      > tower still. On stillmakers page the design shows where to hook up
      > the water lines but there isnt any mention of what is used to pump
      > the water through. Do I just hook it to a house tap or should I have
      > a separate tank with its own pump?
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