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  • Jacques La Marr
    Mar 20, 2000
      I just joined up and I am fairly new to distilling. I belong to the
      other distillers list as well and have learned quite a bit from those
      I am interested in pot stilling (but do not have one as yet). I have
      made schnapps on my stove top from some raspberry wine I made that, well
      I will just say, didn't nose well. The product was double stilled and
      actually turned out pretty good. I also have most of the soldering done
      for a reflux tower, but need to work on the boiling vessel; I plan to
      utilize a stainless steel quarter keg . What I need to figure out is how
      to use it for the dual purpose of still vessel as well as a mashing
      vessel for beer making. I've just got to get the details and engineering
      down, and then just find time to complete my project.

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