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19631Re: Pro's and con's of the Mini Still

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  • Dave
    Mar 5, 2006
      Curious question about the construction of the Mini-Still...if it
      hasn't already been answered.

      How do you get that soldered slanted slate into the piping like that?
      I have some left over materials from my previous still construction
      that I would love to make this.



      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Marc Verheyden" <mavnkaf@...>
      > Thank you very much Alex,
      > I think you covered every thing nicely, I'll go and have a look at
      > your picture. I will try to take some pictures as I atempt to build
      > the Mini Still
      > Cheers
      > Marc
      > --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, _{*L*}_ <bokakob@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Marc, six inch coils feels just right for 3 feet tall 2" diameter
      > copper pipe. I agree on that. The collection plate should be just
      > under the coil with its own directing plate soldered to it. MOST
      > important are two things -- there MUST be a vertical clear space
      > between the lower (collection) and the upper (directing) plates in
      > order for vapors to pass through. The other thing to watch for is to
      > have a horizontal overlap for about quarter-inch or a bit more. This
      > way you get very efficient unit. And the last but not least thing is
      > to MAKE SURE that the inclination of collection plate is such that
      > the liquid collected in it will COMPLETELY submerge the take off
      > tube.
      > > Those are the only three critical items:
      > > 1. Vertical gap for safety
      > > 2. Horizontal overlap for efficiency
      > > 3. Total take off tube submergence for efficiency
      > > The rest be more or less variable. You can even run this unit
      > without any thermometer. I don't use them anymore. I adjusted the
      > reflux-takeoff-heat ratio so that the condensate just stops dripping
      > after most of good alcohol is gone out of the mash.
      > > You did not get the picture because I did not mail it directly
      > to you. The same picture is posted in the files section of <new
      > distillers> and <distillers> groups. If you build this unit please
      > share the success with others.
      > > Best regards, Alex (BOKAKOB)
      > >
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