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18754Re: double distillation

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  • Stillwaters
    Jan 1, 2006
      There is some very good discussion on the topic starting at message
      #31403 in the Distillers forum with comments from Mike Nixon et. al.
      Or you can search the archives for "Still heating - Points to
      Made a believer out of me!

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      > "waljaco" <waljaco@h...> wrote:
      > >
      > > What is the advantage in reducing the low-wines to 40%abv for
      > > redistillation?
      > > wal
      > Hi the reason to dilute the run, is when diluted it leaves more in
      > boiler from second run. If you do not dilute you concentrate the
      > fusels and do not get much better separation on the second run. It
      > needs more liquid to spread the fusels over to get better
      > on subsequent runs. As 5% of your product is a mixture of what is
      > the boiler it is much better to have a lower concentration of low
      > I hope this makes sense.
      > Happy drinking
      > Stevo
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