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17708Re: using 'old' wine

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  • Harry
    Oct 12, 2005
      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "will butler"
      <jesta_187@y...> wrote:
      > thanks for the input fellas, 'preciated.
      > what i'm trying to get at though is - can wine thats 'off' be
      > it could be weeks or even months before i will have enough to put
      > the machine, and by that time it will almost certainly be mouldy
      > will definately be oxidised and 'vinegary'.
      > as far as lager and beer is concerned- they put certain chemicals
      > can beer to preserve it i think, does anyone know what they are
      > what they will do if distilled? this is possibly more important as
      > drink more beer than wine, and i often leave the 'dregs' at the
      > bottom of the can, as well as almost always opening that last can
      > when i dont really want it!
      > cheers
      > will

      Ethanol (alcohol) doesn't go 'off'. The only 'off' smells/flavours
      you will get are because of one of two reasons...

      1. You didn't distill to high purity ( >93%). You're looking for
      neutrality i.e. for doing vodka or schnapps. Flavour it
      artificially later, if you wish. Don't try to bring flavour over in
      the distillation.

      2. Beer contains hops, and when concentrated (distilled over) will
      make your distillate taste bitter. Remedy is, see No 1.

      regards Harry
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