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17704Re: [new_distillers] using 'old' wine

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  • Chris and Tabi
    Oct 12 3:33 PM
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      we do it all the time - Crabapple sucked, rhubarb sucked, and both got run
      through. Funny, we seem to be drinking less wine, and more of the good
      stuff now :o) we still like our port though :o}>

      Use it in cooking too - better to get rid of it that way, then to save up
      1/4 bottle at a time to get enough to run through your still. You dont need
      to drink 3 bottles at a sitting - we sometimes have 3 or 4 different 1/2
      bottles sitting on the counter, just depends on the mood for our choice of
      wine. Dont run it through if you like the taste - just send the rejects
      through :o)

      And stop drinking beer!!! LOL!! You are making better stuff then that now!

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      From: "will butler" <jesta_187@...>
      Subject: [new_distillers] using 'old' wine

      > me and the missus get through a bit of wine and beer, but fairly often
      > a bottle each isnt *quite* enough, whereas 3 bottles is often *too
      > much*. if i were to collect this old wine and store it until i had
      > enough, could i distill it? the same applies to beer and lager.
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