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1770Re: Silver Solder

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  • fizzynick@yahoo.co.uk
    Dec 3, 2001
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      --- In new_distillers@y..., ups474@a... wrote:
      > How about lead believed to be one of the causes of the fall of
      Rome? The
      > lead drinking cups they drank wine out of resulted in the formation
      of lead
      > acetate (the acetic acid came from the wine), a salt that is very
      toxic to
      > the brain. Alcohol and lead are also very attracted to one another-
      > reason you don't see any deaths is because the lead poisoning isn't
      > up as an acute case (a massive dose all at once)- it is a chronic
      > that results from drinking lead contaminated alcohol. You can make
      a still
      > with leaded solder, drink the spirit, and you will probably not
      > anything. Lead does not work like that- it is a much slower,
      nastier poison.
      > The fatal dose for absorbed lead is estimated to be 0.5grams.
      > and toxicity occur if more than 0.5mg per day is absorbed. The
      half life for
      > lead in bone is 32 years, the half life of lead in the kidneys is 7
      > Primary symptoms of lead poisoning are gastrointestinal and central
      > system disturbances (including encephalopathy) and anemia. Early
      > are loss of appetite, weight loss, constipation, vomitting,
      > headache, weakness, and loss of recently developed skills. The
      > rate in people with lead encephalopathy is about 25%. Half of
      those who
      > survive have PERMANANT MENTAL DETERIORATION!! (souce:
      > Handbook of Poisoning by Robert H. Dreisbach and William O.
      > Appleton medical press, 12th edition, 1987) Does this tell you

      Thanks for that UPS,

      That was exactly what I was looking for :)

      To shed a little more light on what you say about the Romans I can
      recall from my Latin lessons of many years ago that the whole of the
      water irrigation and domestic supply in Rome was using lead piping.
      The latin for lead, Plumbum, is the origin of its chemical periodic
      table symbol of Pb, and also gives us the modern English word Plumber.

      Thanks again for your help.

      Silver solder it is then ;)

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