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17521Re: [new_distillers] Re: Homedistiller.org mirror site?

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  • Derek Hamlet
    Oct 5, 2005
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      Is there a way of uploading those files somewhere so I can get my
      hands on them.
      I don't know if you could send them to me as an attachment.
      I visit tony's site regularly. I always viewed it a a kind of
      adjunct to my books.
      With the site down it's kind of like a family friend just died.
      Fortunately I'm into full swing winemaking season right now, so
      probably won't even get back to distilling for another month, but,
      damnit I need access to that info.
      Any help you can give me would be appreciated.
      At 04:40 AM 10/4/05, you wrote:
      >Hi Jehan
      > I have 2 files on my computer that are 1931KB and 4615KB your
      >files are 887KB and 1069KB and 1011KB they do not seem large enough.
      >If anyone needs the 2 larger files post a request and I will send them
      >to you.
      >Happy drinking
      > > >Isn't the homedistillers website available on a mirror
      > > >site somewhere?
      > > I hope Tony doesn't mind....I had the three zip files on my
      > > hard drive and they are now in a folder on this group.
      > > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/new_distillers/files/distilling%20site%20/
      > >
      > > JehanYves
      > New Distillers group archives are at http://archive.nnytech.net/
      > FAQ and other information available at http://homedistiller.org
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

      Victoria, B. C.
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