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1752Re: Silver Solder

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  • Tarvus
    Dec 2, 2001
      --- In new_distillers@y..., fizzynick@y... wrote:

      > What I am looking to establish is if there is the following.
      > Will ethanol (liquid or vapour) leech the lead content of the
      > any faster than it would in water?
      > Does ethanol react more radically with lead than water does?
      > Will I be more at risk consuming leaded ethanol than I would leaded
      > water from the tap?

      Hot liquid is more apt than cold liquid to leach lead salts out of
      soldered joints. Low pH liquid is more apt to leach salts than The
      vapor won't leach lead, but the liquid will. While I would not use
      lead based solder in any of my still joints, I would be PARTICULARLY
      careful about using it beyond the column where condensation would
      occur and liquid would be in contact with soldered joints.

      Solder is cheap. If you're building a still why take the risk of
      using lead based solder?
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