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  • fizzynick@yahoo.co.uk
    Dec 2, 2001
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      --- In new_distillers@y..., walpole2000@h... wrote:
      > umm i don't no where you come from but it is generally known (even
      > me) that you don't use any lead even in really small amounts
      > it can cause lead poisoning. I.E. you will eventully die from the
      > lead building up in you!

      Sorry all, maybe I should clarify (unlike my washes ;) )

      My question is based on the fact that it has only been in the last 15
      years that potable (lead-free) fittings have been introlduced and
      made compulsary in domestic plumbing.

      In 99% of homes in the UK the old lead-rich plumbing has not been
      removed or replaced, therefore, 99% of all homes are using leaded
      fittings and solder in the main water supply. Some older houses are
      even still supplied my a main lead water pipe !!!!

      As the lead is already in the water supply my question revolves
      around the fact that I have yet to be able to find an evidence that
      lead enriched ethanol would be any more harmful to me than a glass of
      tap water.

      What I am looking to establish is if there is the following.

      Will ethanol (liquid or vapour) leech the lead content of the solder
      any faster than it would in water?
      Does ethanol react more radically with lead than water does?
      Will I be more at risk consuming leaded ethanol than I would leaded
      water from the tap?

      Hope this tidies up my question a bit.


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