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17472Re: [new_distillers] I can't find a still!!!!

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  • joe giffen
    Sep 30, 2005
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      Hi Ricardo,
      You can buy a larger still in italy (30/50ltrs.) from GAROFOLI SPA tel.no.0744750160. It is called an EVAPORIZER and is made for the home market.
      Good luck

      riki <righign@...> wrote:
      I'm Riccardo, from Italy.
      I'd like to buy a still to make "grappa" and other distilled by myself
      but I can't find it here, because low doesn't allowe to buy stills
      bigger than 3 lt.
      I'd like to know if I can find one of them in your country (also used
      ones), or if somebody of you can teach me to build one by myself.
      I hope you can help me!
      See you soon, Riccardo.

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