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17438Re: [new_distillers] fermentation

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    Sep 28, 2005
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      I am using the old time siphon – straight piece of clear PVC tubing. To start it there are two ways. In both ways the mash container should be at a higher elevation than the boiling container. Otherwise the flow wouldn’t start.

      1. Dip one end in the mash vat and suck some liquid with your mouth. As it starts going downward quickly lower it in the receiving pot and let it flow. Keep the upper end under the surface of the mash.

      2. More complex method, but you need not use your mouth. Take the siphon and fill it with tap water or fermented mash completely, without air voids. Close both ends with your thumbs. Lower one end in the mash and the other end into the receiving pot. Simultaneously open both ends of the tubing.

      vodkadaddy1950 <jscott315@...> wrote:also i do have a syphon, but i dont understand how to use it....how do you get the mash to the
      still....i guess what i am asking is how do you get the syphon started.....thanks scott from dallas


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