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  • Kevin Nowaczyk
    Aug 26, 2005
      I'd argue that there is a wier just below the up/down
      arrow representing liquid spill-over. You are
      correct, there are no downcomers. Are downcomers
      necesarry though? The last facility I worked in with
      distillation columns used vertically oriented
      structured packing, and it's my understanding that
      columns looking like this are very rare. I'd think
      that in a well designed column the liquid spill-over
      could provide enough resistance to the gas flowing
      through it if the space between the wier and the
      column wall was sufficiently narrow.

      Kevin Nowaczyk

      >There are no downcomers, and no wiers. Without wiers
      there can be
      >little to no liquid holdup on the plate. Without
      downcomers, the
      >rising vapours will find the line of least resistance
      i.e. around
      >the endgap of the plates, all the way up, not through
      the bubblers.
      >Compare with this drawing...
      >regards Harry

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