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14961Re: Pot Still Temps with Corn Wash

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  • Harry
    Mar 13, 2005
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Henry Stamp <henrystamp@g...>
      > i assume you are assuming that she is doing a stripping run
      first? if
      > so, what percentage is the low wines that pot still'ers usually
      > back in for the second distillation? 40%?
      > i've seen reference to some people doing a stripping run, then
      > redilluting it with clean water and running it through the second
      > Thanks!!
      > -henry

      Every potstill is different. Some only manage 30% first run, some
      go as high as 65%, depending on design, power input etc.
      The 'average potstill' (is there such a thing?) does a first run of
      ~50% abv. Some dilute this with water to 30 or 40% for the second
      run, some don't. Some only do 1 careful run (grappa etc).
      So your assumptions are generally correct.

      regards Harry
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