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14937Re: Pot Still Temps with Corn Wash

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  • Harry
    Mar 12, 2005
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, Rana Pipiens <ranawater@y...>
      > Thanks Harry. So the %abv is more useful in making the cuts than
      the temperature? Will just the hearts collected like you suggest
      give a tasty product without blending in some of the heads and
      tails? ( I am using a pot still for this distillation) I plan on
      oaking the results. Rana

      Yup. Get accurate readings on the alcometer. There's an old
      instrument you don't see much of nowadays called a 'parrot's beak'.
      Basically it's a tube closed at the bottom and with a spillover
      (shaped like a bird's beak) at the top, into the collection vessel.
      The alcometer floats in this tube and the takeoff from the potstill
      condenser is fed into the tube. Readings are checked periodically
      and when the correct percentages are reached, you switch collection
      vessels between heads, hearts, & tails. It requires that the
      takeoff feed be at or near the calibrated temp of the alcometer,
      otherwise adjustment calculations need to be made.

      regards Harry
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