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1478Carbon Treating

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  • AuntyEthyl
    Nov 18, 2001
      Well this has been asked about quite a bit of late so
      i'll put my 40 cents worth in.

      Firstly, this is not the *only* way, nor the easiest
      way, nor the best way it's just my way and for me it
      works well. But it has some advantages over other

      This system, uses a tube that is essentially sealed,
      so unlike other designs, you can fill and forget,
      rather than watch for overflow or needing to top it up
      all the time. It is also designed around a 25ltr wash,
      so will process about 10 ltrs of 40% spirit in a
      single pass in about 36hours.

      Secondly I apologise for the drawings, when it comes
      to Artistic, I'm all Autistic.


      1 x 500mm long 50mm diameter upvc pipe
      1 x 50mm end cap
      1 x 50mm threaded adapter
      1 x 50mm threaded end cap with O ring
      1 x poly pipe barbed adapter (see drawing/see text)
      1 x Caulking gun glue tube nozzle
      1 x Aquarium air tap
      1 x 1 meter+ of silicon aquarium air hose

      20ltr drum with tap
      Container to collect treated spirit (I use a
      Some coffee filter paper
      Activated carbon
      Some untreated spirit

      Note. The poly pipe barbed fitting is the barbed part
      of the poly pipe adapter that screws to a tap and has
      the barbed part to attach some poly pipe. See

      After studying my ordinary drawings, drill a hole in
      the centre of the end cap to suit the nozzle. This can
      be glued into position with silicon, from the outside.
      The end cap can then be glued onto the end of the main
      pipe. The barbs on the poly pipe fitting need to be
      filed down flush with the outside of the fitting, then
      a suitable hole drilled into the centre of threaded
      cap, and the poly pipe fitting glued into place. The
      threaded adapter can be glued onto the other end of
      the pipe.

      With the main filter unit built, all you need is a
      short piece of plastic tubing to fit over the barbed
      poly pipe fitting, then other end fits over the end of
      a standard drum tape (not the cobra/flip type tap)

      To the caulking gun nozzle attach a short peice of
      silicon tube. The other end is attached to the air
      tap. A longer peice of silicon tube is used from the
      tap, leading into the collection container.

      When you are ready to use.
      Cut two layers of coffee filter paper to fit inside of
      the main pipe. Push these inside the main pipe until
      they rest at the bottom against the end cap.
      Fill your main pipe with activated carbon, to 50mm
      from the top.
      Pour the carbon into a glass bowl and pour boiling
      water over carbon. Stir, leave sit for a couple of
      minutes and pour off the water.
      Repeat about five times until water above the carbon
      is clear.
      Rinse filter housing. And fold silicon tube and clamp
      with a clothes peg. Fill tube with fairly warm to hot
      Pour off excess water from carbon and using a desert
      spoon fill tube with the carbon. Once filled, screw on
      threaded cap and top up water in filter. Push the
      clear plastic tube over the tap of the drum which has
      been filled with untreated spirit at 50% or less, the
      drum has also been suspended from the garage roof
      Turn on the drum tap and adjust the aquarium air tap
      until the flow is quite fast, feel the filter pipe, as
      the spirit flows thru the pipe will cool, letting you
      know how far the spirit has flowed.
      Let the spirit flow fast until about two thirds of the
      water has been displaced. The water can be chucked,
      adjust the air tap until the spirit is just flowing,
      about 2 drips a second.

      Relax and wait for some smooth tasting, non smelling

      This works very well for me.


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