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13925RE: [new_distillers] Whiskey Wash

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  • Brendan Keith
    Feb 2, 2005
      Two (and a half) thoughts,

      1. You won't find many yeasts that will go higher than EC-1118. Is it worth
      trying to squeeze 1-2% more out of it?

      2. Since real whiskey is generally made with an ale or baker's yeast, you're
      already getting a different flavour characteristic than you might expect.

      2B. The lower ABV% of the traditional washes result in a whole other set of

      My DME wash with brewer's yeast yielded something that taste similar but not
      completely unlike whiskey. I need to resample the 7:1 corn:malt whiskey
      from 2 weeks ago.
      Brendan Keith

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      Subject: [new_distillers] Whiskey Wash

      So as my first stab at making a whiskey, I stole the malt extract
      recipe from homedistiller.org (12 pounds pale malt extract). Ended
      up with a starting gravity of 1.18 and pitched EC118 (what happened
      to be on hand).

      I didn't bother with the calcs last night, but was running through it
      today...looks like the EC118 is going to poop out on me at about 16%
      ABV and a gravity of about 1.07. Being the cheap person that I am,
      I'm debating tossing in some higher alcohol tolerant yeast to try and
      ferment it out to about 20% and to cut down on the residual
      sweetness...any one have any thoughts on this?

      I've made mead like this with some great results - ferment with an
      ale yeast and then add in champagne yeast after the ale yeast does
      it's thing and it produces some wonderful complexity...I'm curious if
      this will translate well into distilling?

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