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13893Re: [new_distillers] end of run temperatures

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  • Roderick Holmes
    Jan 31, 2005
      You typically will have to increase your heat and increase reflux to maintain a high level of purity toward the end of your run.

      Usually the temperature gradually climbs at the end of the run. Make your cut off at around 94 C. I usually collect in separate jars of 500 ml each. Once my temperature starts climbing, I stop and collect into a separate container until I hit 94C. I find I don't care as much for the flavors that come off between 79-94C. I still drink them but usually use them as a mixer instead of drinking straight up like I do with the main collection.

      Hope this helps,

      nelkensen <nelkensen@...> wrote:

      I am a newbie. Just got done building the well known needle valve still.
      At the end of a run of sugar wash 20 per cent yeast, the
      temperature was 78.15 C or very close, after 5 hrs or so the temp
      dropped 5 deg app so I shut down.
      Is this normal ? There were no "tails".The stuff has no off odours
      or taste what is objectionable.
      Would you turn up the heat and drive off the tails or any ethaol
      Thanks for any comments.

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