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134Re: check out a new way to finance distilling

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  • Des Zein
    Jul 3, 2000
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      --- In new_distillers@egroups.com, Tom Johnson <tjohnson@s...> wrote:
      > It Works, Its Legal, Its Easy, so Why Not?
      > Parents of 15-year-old find $71,000 cash hidden in his closet.
      > Does this headline look familiar? Of course it does.

      The message above has been let through to show 'all' members the sort
      of posting that is not welcome in this discussion group. Surely the
      name tells everyone what it is about ie distilling. It is extremely
      important for the survival of this and any group that postings adhere
      to the subject. Other groups have been destroyed by this sort of
      behaviour and I as moderator will not let that happen here.
      If members wanted to read this type of message I am sure there are
      other groups that cater for it.

      As the early members will remember to begin with this group was
      moderated and I vetted all messages before sending on. I took this
      function off because I thought that the members at that time were
      acting responsibly and 'playing the game'. I do not want to impose
      moderation on this group again, but that is always an option.
      Let me make it plain off subject messages are not welcome here and
      in future the poster can be deleted off the group. This is a genuine
      warning to all.
      Isnt it a shame that a few spoil it for the rest.

      Young Des
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