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13309Re: Water Problems?

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  • leehamc
    Jan 2, 2005
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      Hi Artic i have been distilling for years now but i have never
      bothered to boil my water, i just use tap water (i live in QLD
      Australia ) and have only had a couple of "stuck" brews that i saved
      with some extra dry yeast.

      By your description of corn flakes are you from Australia?, if you
      are distilling at around 90% you would not retain much flavour, you
      may need to consider a pot still. i recomend straining your wash
      before distilling as i have experienced the effect of a pot burning
      the mash and the cleanup was not fun!

      i now prefer just to use sugar wash and flavour with various flavours
      But that is just my way of doing things! (mostly whisky)

      don't know about others but i find a good dash of port (200mls) or so
      per 5 literes of flavoured spirit and leave it for a few months on
      oak (or years when you build up supply) is a great way of getting
      great drinks.

      have fun and hope the wife enjoys the new "hobby"
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