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12099To those who don't like what I do

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    Oct 2, 2004
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      Who are you?

      I wonder how some people try to judge me and start suggesting me what to do. This is a free forum and I am free to write here anything I want to with certain limits geared toward the trade discussed her, of course. There are other places for morals and philosophy discussions.

      If I want to put a border around my drawings made of trade marks, copyrights, patent pending sings, watermark across saying �personal and private� or just simple flowers around my pictures I have all rights to do just that, as long as I don�t break the law and don�t endanger anything/anyone.

      Instead, all I read regarding my stills is that it is copy of this and copy of that, is that I have to do this and do that�

      I agree that some of my posts are sometimes not as humorous as I would want it to be perceived, but would you want to know what I need to say about it? Put me on ignore list and DON'T READ IT!

      There is a saying: �If you don�t tell me what to do, I will not tell you where to go��

      So, instead of criticizing a small trade mark and copyright sign (to which I am entitled indeed in both cases) why don�t those people, who suggest me on how to live my life, what to write and how to behave, would think about next distillation apparatus? At least it would refer to the title of the hobby.

      Otherwise have a nice day!

      Whatever I wrote above is my subjective opinion
      There are no warranties of any kind
      Act on your own risk and finally...
      I can be wrong I must say
      Cheers, Alex...

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