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  • Kim Walker
    Sep 30, 2004
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      Well .... I have generated lots of information....

      I have a large pump, so head is not a problem..... I can pump 20 gal per
      min at 10 ft

      From the answers here, I have decided to get a larger tank, probably a
      50 gal plastic drum, they are $8 locally

      I have an aircooled condenser from a window air conditioning unit with a
      fan blowing through it and I can do the plastic bottles of ice....that
      should take care of the condenser.... I have not seen anyone say what
      the max temp of the condenser water should be but I suspect anything
      less than 35 to 40 deg C should do it....? (correct me if I am wrong in
      my assumption) .and I know that the condenser will require
      significantly less heat transfer when condensing alcohol than when
      condensing water ....

      I have built a forced reflux addition and I will probably use house
      water and run it to waste and not recirculate it.... for that because I
      found out that the forced reflux column releases a lot more heat than
      the condenser... ( I have done 2 runs with just water in the boiler to
      test it)..

      I have a bucket of wash bubbling and when I run it through I will post
      pics and information...

      I have built everything from information on this forum and I have made a
      few "interesting changes" of my own that I will share....

      thank you


      bradr36 wrote:

      >--- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "whammo57" <kimwalk@u...>
      >>1. what is the capacity of the tank ??
      >>2. how do you keep the tank cool ??
      >>3. do you have any recommendations ??
      >>4. is this the best system or is there a better solution ??
      >>5. what is the temperature of the recirculating water ??
      >>6. what is the volume of water that is pumped per minute ??
      >where you live plays a big part on questions 1&2 i would try and
      >design on a worse case scenario (the hottest day in the year where
      >you live)
      >this type of system should be the most efficient(other than a
      >properly designed air cooled condenser)just on the fact alone that
      >you won't be wasting any water
      >you should only need a minumum amount of flow to do the job, sorry i
      >don't know what that is others might be able to help out there
      >when selecting a pump you should pay more attention to the feet of
      >head the pump can flow (the distance from the pump to the top of the
      >condenser), this greatly affects the perfomance of the pump
      >to me the most important question is the maximum temp of the inlet
      >side of the condenser that will do the job, this number should
      >determine how you should build
      >i live in a pretty hot climate and don't distill in the summer for
      >this reason (need to air condition the garage)
      >i use a 30 gallon plastic drum(55 gallon would probably be better)an
      >old water cooler condensor and fan (could probably be bigger)and a
      >300 gph pump(probably too big) with frozen 2 liter bottle on hand,
      >this works for me on 80 degree days
      >hope that helps, now to my question
      >what would be maximum temp of the inlet side of the condenser that
      >will do the job?
      >what would be the minumum gpm's with 6 feet ot head?
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