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  • bradr36
    Sep 29, 2004
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      --- In new_distillers@yahoogroups.com, "whammo57" <kimwalk@u...>
      > 1. what is the capacity of the tank ??
      > 2. how do you keep the tank cool ??
      > 3. do you have any recommendations ??
      > 4. is this the best system or is there a better solution ??
      > 5. what is the temperature of the recirculating water ??
      > 6. what is the volume of water that is pumped per minute ??
      > thanks
      > Kim
      where you live plays a big part on questions 1&2 i would try and
      design on a worse case scenario (the hottest day in the year where
      you live)

      this type of system should be the most efficient(other than a
      properly designed air cooled condenser)just on the fact alone that
      you won't be wasting any water

      you should only need a minumum amount of flow to do the job, sorry i
      don't know what that is others might be able to help out there

      when selecting a pump you should pay more attention to the feet of
      head the pump can flow (the distance from the pump to the top of the
      condenser), this greatly affects the perfomance of the pump

      to me the most important question is the maximum temp of the inlet
      side of the condenser that will do the job, this number should
      determine how you should build

      i live in a pretty hot climate and don't distill in the summer for
      this reason (need to air condition the garage)

      i use a 30 gallon plastic drum(55 gallon would probably be better)an
      old water cooler condensor and fan (could probably be bigger)and a
      300 gph pump(probably too big) with frozen 2 liter bottle on hand,
      this works for me on 80 degree days

      hope that helps, now to my question

      what would be maximum temp of the inlet side of the condenser that
      will do the job?

      what would be the minumum gpm's with 6 feet ot head?

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