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12064RE: [new_distillers] cooling water

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  • Levi Langershank
    Sep 29, 2004
      >From: "whammo57" <kimwalk@...>

      >Subject: [new_distillers] cooling water

      >to all................
      >I have a few questions for this vast receptical of knowledge and
      >For those of you that use a tank of water and a recirculating pump for
      >cooling the condenser,...
      >1. what is the capacity of the tank ??
      Laundry sink...probably 25-30 gallons maximum....

      >2. how do you keep the tank cool ??
      Use enough water so it cools itself....
      >3. do you have any recommendations ??
      Experiment a bit and determine what works best in your particular
      >4. is this the best system or is there a better solution ??
      Works great in my particular setup....
      >5. what is the temperature of the recirculating water ??
      Never checked it......
      >6. what is the volume of water that is pumped per minute ??
      I dont recall the specs of my pump...its not much though.....my pump uses .5
      in hose and will pump a stream of water < 2 ft horizontally...not much
      pressure at all...

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