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11619RE: [new_distillers] Re: Polishing spirit

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  • Levi Langershank
    Aug 9, 2004
      This is true...I started the 'hobby' years before the internet was
      around...I knew and still know a few 'moonshiners' and none of them agree on
      very much,except that "I" am the expert here...:>)...the best you can do is
      obtain a basic knowledge of the 'hobby' and figure out(thru trial-and-error)
      what works best for you...a little common sense goes a long way here...you
      can use complex formulas to determine the ABV etc but that changes little in
      the end...experimentation will prove many ,self-proclaimed
      experts,wrong...it will also prove many are correct...its your task to sort
      thru all the 'evidence' and return a verdict....:>)...good luck...

      >From: "Lebbo" <bundy_rum98@...>
      >Fellow distillers,
      >IMHO..............I in no way profess to be an expert, in fact quite the
      >opposite esp
      >after only 3 runs. I am a beginner willing to answer any questions I
      >can and give any advice which may be asked of me. I can only tell
      >someone what I know and insist I know little.
      >It has been very enjoyable reading about the experiences of everyone who
      >contributes and I hope that I can help people out as much as those who
      >have gone out of their way to do the same. Email me direct if you like
      >and uhmmmm......... bottoms up!

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