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11606[new_distillers] Re: Polishing spirit

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  • Lukas Paige
    Aug 8, 2004
      Your assumption is correct. Middle cut only treated though the
      Z-Filter. New Z-Filter, new carbon, instructions followed to the
      letter. Tails are not present as I take the cut before the tails
      start to appear. Even if I did get a slight amount of tails in there,
      wouldn't it be detectable, and wouldn't it get filtered out with the

      Where in the still could I be getting impurities from? I used a new
      hot water system, new copper tubing, lead free solder, new scourers
      (tested to be stainless). The still has been run about 10 times now
      (5 batches, strip and final each) and is flushed with lots of water
      after every batch. It was also run with water first to get rid of any

      The product made looks great, smells great and tastes great. Very
      very, VERY close to commercial grade vodka. Water is definitely
      consumed with a session. But the headache feeling is definitely NOT a
      normal hangover one. It's only slight, but it's piercing and in
      behind the eyes. At first I thought it was the sugar wash, but after
      lots of reading I think it's something else...

      Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance.


      >This I
      >> then treated with a Z-Filter - got 15 x 750ml
      >> bottles out of it, but still got a f#$%ing
      >> headache afterwards.
      >Sometimes it's difficult to clearly state something on these
      >newsgroups without re-reading a post several times....so I need to
      >ask a few questions to make sure I'm clear on your problem. You say
      >you collected the feints, took segmented collections in the middle,
      >then later you say "This I treated with a Z-filter". I'm going to
      >make the assumption you kept the feints seperate and treated only
      >the middle cut with the Z-filter.
      >If this is true then I ask the following: Has the carbon been
      >recharged by boiling the carbon, rinsing away impurities, then
      >drying? Is the still itself clean from impurities? And finally, not
      >to sound condscending, do you take in plenty of water after
      >consuming this alcohol. Even the purest product will cause a
      >dehydration headache in the morning if twice the volume of water
      >isn't consumed along with, or shortly thereafter, the alcohol. The
      >body really sucks up water while trying to break down the complex
      >chains in alcohol.
      >With this said, the only time I've had a headache in the morning in
      >the last 8 months was the one time I was pretty confident there was
      >a heavy dose of tails in a batch.
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